(Video Call / Telehealth)

Re-Vitalise is now offering Online Physiotherapy Consultations and Pilates / Exercise Sessionsenabling us to provide ongoing professional care and support to our clients who are unable to attend our practice. 

Telehealth appointments are an online video consultation between the Physiotherapist and client, via a secure professional platform.


Our experienced practitioners are able to assess, diagnose, provide education and advice appropriate to your injury or condition, establish a treatment plan, and provide personalised prescription and progression of a home exercise program without any physical contact.  


Telehealth consultations are cost effective, safe and have a strong evidence base to support the efficacy in physiotherapy practice.  

We're here to help you stay healthy even from the comfort of your own home! 

How do Online Consultations work?

PHYSIOTHERAPY (Inclusive of Women's Health Physiotherapy)

  • Combining our expert clinical reasoning with detailed questioning (and the use of questionnaires if appropriate) helps us establish your diagnosis

  • We will guide you to perform the required physical tests to confirm our diagnosis and identify your management needs

  • We will prescribe relevant exercises, self-management techniques and advice to effectively address your condition or dysfunction assisting you to move better and feel better with confidence 

  • Your exercises will be sent to you with still images and explanations to ensure you can complete them effectively at home


  • We deliver a specifically tailored set of exercises in line with your needs via video consultation, using verbal cues and visual feedback to ensure you get the most out of your exercise program 

  • We are able to use body weight resistance and positioning to work the targeted muscles, or equipment if available

  • If you wish to purchase equipment (ie resistance bands, foam rollers, balls) we are happy to send these out or organise a time for collection

  • All exercises sent through to you with images and detailed instructions

How do I book my Online Consultation?


Contact reception via phone, email or book an online physiotherapy consultation via our online booking system.

Once you are booked in at your preferred time, you will receive an email from reception with a link to your online consultation.

All you need to do is click the link in the email at the time of the consultation and the consultation will commence

You can conduct the consultation on your iphone, tablet or computer. 

No need to download any software!

Online Physiotherapy Consultation Fees

Online Physiotherapy / Telehealth consultations are currently billed as per our standard physiotherapy consultation fees.

Private Health Rebate will be available with Extras Cover

for Telehealth Consultations