(Individualised Clinical Exercise)

The Re-Vitalise approach is personalised, challenging and fun! 

We specialise in rehabilitative clinical pilates-based programs delivered to the highest standard by our physiotherapists with expert tuition, hands on guidance and correction. 

Clinical Pilates is a fusion of flexibility and strength training with focus on improving core stability, movement patterns, posture, balance and 

body awareness.  


Our Physiotherapists use a variety of pilates-based equipment and additional exercises to build your individualised program tailored to your health needs and goals.

We offer individual 1:1 Private Studio Sessions, 2:1 Semi-Private Studio Sessions and a range of small group classes.  

Our Clinical Exercise Programs are physiotherapist led and suitable for all ages to assist injury recovery, management, prevention, general wellbeing and everyday life.  

We're here to help you move and feel better!

The Re-Vitalise Process

All new clients require an Initial Assessment in order to establish a program and treatment plan tailored to your specific goals, biomechanics, movement dysfunctions and areas of concern, using pilates-based machines and equipment among other exercises.

Our physiotherapists will then guide you through your program over 2 x additional 1:1 sessions, providing you with close supervision and hands on correction, to ensure correct technique and understanding of key principles is achieved. 


You may continue with Private 1:1 sessions, or progress to Semi-Private 2:1 sessions or Clinical Exercise Group Classes.


Our Clinical Exercise Groups allow up to 6 participants, where you will continue to work through your program under close supervision and guidance from our Physiotherapists. 


Initial Studio Assessment - Physiotherapy

(30 mins)

$130 / $120

1:1 Review Consultation - Physiotherapy

(30 mins) 

$110 / $100

1:1 Private Studio Session 

(45 mins)

$140 / $130

2:1 Semi-Private Session

(45 mins)

$70 per person 

Clinical Exercise Groups

(45 mins)

Casual Pass - $50

5 Class Pass - $240

10 Class Pass - $450

Private Health Rebate available with Extras Cover 

Re-Vitalise Studio Fees

We are often adding more Classes to our weekly timetable on demand, so if there is a particular time of interest that you and/or your friends would like us to open please let us know and we can advise if we can be accommodating!