Here at Re-Vitalise, we understand the unique requirements and care that women need throughout all stages of their pregnancy and post natal journey.

Our specialised Pre & Post Natal Program is run by our highly talented Physiotherapist Belinda Matthews, who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Women's Health.   


Our Programs run in 5 or 6 Week blocks with the option of re-enrolling as many times as you wish and are inclusive of pilates-based and floor exercises, in addition to very informative 

education components, tailored uniquely 

to women throughout all phases.

Stay strong, fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy, motherhood and beyond!

✓ Stay strong, fit and healthy throughout pregnancy

✓ Exercise safely under expert guidance

✓ Strengthen your pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles 

✓ Reduce pregnancy related aches and pains

✓ Improve recovery, reduced long term risks and regain fitness post natal 

Post Natal Pregnancy Pilates Classes
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Pre & Post Natal Program Fees

Initial Assessment

Inclusive of Real Time Ultrasound Assessment & Re-Training

(45 mins)


Pre & Post Natal Exercise Groups

(60 mins)


$288 for 6 Week Program 

($48 per Class) 

Casual Pass

Pre or Post Natal Class


Private Health Rebate available with Extras Cover 



6:30pm and 7:30pm  


11:00am and 12:00pm

Classes run for 45 minutes in duration and include both exercise and education components, along with take home resources 



All new clients require a Pre-Assessment and appropriate screening to ensure safety, correct technique and understanding of key principles is achieved before attending our physiotherapist led small group class.

In these sessions, our physiotherapist will create a program tailored to you around your particular phase of pregnancy, movement dysfunctions and areas of concern. 

Class Times

New Pre & Post Natal Clients 

Please note Pre-Assessments run 1-2 weeks prior to the commencement of the next round

Offering Casual Classes or Round Pass

Round One 2022 - Starts Feb 1st / 3rd   (6 week program) 

Round Two 2022- Starts March 22nd / 24th   (6 week program)

Round Three 2022 - Starts May 10th / 12th   (6 week program)

Round Four 2022 - Starts July 12th / 14th   (6 week program)

Round Five 2022 - Starts Sept 27th / 29th   (6 week program)

Round Six 2022 - Starts Nov 15th / 17th   (6 week program)