Mat & Reformer Pilates

(Fitness Based)

Our unique Pilates Plus Classes

are aimed at providing that extra challenge to your exercise routine

These 45 min classes are run by our Pilates Instructor (Rachael Gleeson) and are geared towards improving your fitness and moving well with focus on core, upper and lower limb strength and flexibility.  


Pilates Plus classes consist of a combination of reformer pilates 

and mat pilates exercises and will add

that extra level of intensity and variety to your exercise routine to help re-vitalise the way you feel and move!


We recommend that clients recovering from specific injury or surgery consult with a Physiotherapist and undergo Clinical Pilates / Clinical Exercise Groups before commencing Pilates Plus classes.


No Pre-Assessment required before joining these classes.

Pilates Plus Class Times

Classes Currently Paused

Enquire with our administration team to express interest in classes


Pilates Plus Classes

(45 mins)

Casual Pass - $30 

5 Class Pass - $140

10 Class Pass - $260

Private Health Rebate NOT available for these classes

Pilates Plus Fees


We're offering all NEW Pilates Plus Clients an introductory offer!

OFFER = 3 Classes for $60

(Buy 2 get one free)

** Pass valid for a 3 week period from the first use and will expire after such time


We're offering aa twin pass offer - come along to the same class with a friend!

OFFER = 2 for $50

($25 each per class)

We are often adding more Classes to our weekly timetable on demand, so if there is a particular time of interest that you and/or your friends would like us to open please let us know and we can advise if we can be accommodating!